[Gaming Diary] Mass Effect (Xbox 360): Part 3

This is my third entry in my gaming diary for Mass Effect (Xbox 360).

The short of it: A casual point-and-click gamer plays an RPG for the first time by herself.
The task: To play Mass Effect (the first one) in its entirety and to document her experiences along the way.

First-time reader and need context?

Second Diary Entry
First Diary Entry
Diary Introduction

Update from last time:

“Pepe” Shepard and crew have managed to secure the beacon they were charged with retrieving on planet, Eden Prime. We find out the beacon gives off a powerful magnetic force which Shepard almost got drawn into. Meanwhile, Saren, who is a turian and Spectre, has killed fellow turian, Nihlus, and is in cahoots with the geth, one can only assume, so he too can benefit from the beacon. He becomes irate to find out that a human has used the beacon (Shepard). This is where we are also introduced to the bewwwbly* Matriach.

(Photo: meodia.com)

Chapter 1: Eden Prime

(continued, again)

Ashley and Shepard are in the infirmary. Shepard was unconscious and slowly he wakes up. The Doctor says he will be fine, but that she noticed some unusual brain waves while he was down, like he was in a very deep dream mode. All things considered, though, he is ready to go.

Just then, Captain Anderson shows up. He is the one that is giving Shepard directives. He asks to speak with Shepard in private. Apparently, the beacon self-destructed and the Citadel Council wants to know how this could happen. The Captain also suspects Saren has gone rogue, working with the geth. He asks Shepard if he saw anything. He said that before he lost consciousness, he had a vision, or dream that he saw robots of some type (geth?) butchering humans. The Captain wants Shepard to present in front of the Council and bring a case against Saren. Combined with his knowledge of the power of that beacon, his power as Spectre and with an army of geth at his command, Saren could destroy all of humanity, and he needs to be stopped!

The ship flies to the Citadel, and then we get to watch as it lands. The graphics are gorgeous in this game!

Chapter 2: The Citadel

The Ambassador Lounge in the Citadel (Photo: img3.wikia.nocookie.net)

We are introduced to Ambassador Udina, a human representing the interests of Eden Prime in front of the Citadel Council. Udina demands a hearing from the Council to revoke Saren’s Spectre rights. The Council grant this request. Just then, the Ambassador is met by Captain Anderson, Shepard and crew. Shepard is asked to meet them at the Citadel tower for the hearing.

Now, the one thing I love about this game is something called the Citadel Rapid Transit. This nifty teleporter can take you around the whole Citadel without much effort. Just find one and use it! The Citadel itself has a lot of nooks and crannies to explore, which I did do a little bit.

Shepard meets his team at the Citadel Tower. Before going in, he is introduced to Gerrus, a turian and officer in charge of the Citadel Security (or C-Sec) investigation against Saren. He tells Shepard he can’t find any evidence against Saren, even though he would like to see the SOB go down, too. He wishes he were given more time to finish his investigation.

In Council chambers, the panel agrees there is not enough evidence to bring Saren down. Saren is very cocky at this stage, hurling insults at Shepard, which don’t seem to sway the Council either way. They dismiss the claim and let Saren go on as Spectre.

The Council panel (Photo: i1.cdnds.net)

The team discusses what the next steps should be. We find out Captain Anderson and Saren have a past – one where they went to battle together and it ended badly, but no further details given. Ashley and Kaiden bring up Gerrus and his investigation – maybe he has more information? They decide to track him down through a disgraced C-Sec officer, Harkin, fired for having too many drinky-poos on the job. We need to go to the local watering hole on the Citadel; he should know where to find Gerrus (this should be interesting…). We are also asked to go speak with Barla Von, an agent for the Shadow Broker; someone who buys and sells secrets to the highest bidder. Maybe he has intel on Saren?

Shepard and crew find themselves right outside Chora’s Den, the local peeler bar, and they get attacked by assassins! Made quick work of them though!

Harkin (Photo: img3.wikia.nocookie.net)

Inside the bar, Shepard finds Harkin drinking his face off. He is a rough fellow with a Brian Doyle-Murray voice and gruff way of speaking that is both aggressive and hilarious. Harkin knows where Gerrus is, but before he spills the beans, he has a few secrets of his own he wants off his chest, like the shocker that Anderson was once a Spectre and got booted out! Shepard wonders why he’s telling him this info, to which Harkin responds with the biggest LOL of this chapter:

“Secrets are like Herpes: if ya got ’em, might as well spread ’em around…” LOL**.

Harkin seems like he has a lot to say, and is probably the roughest, but most interesting personality I’ve encountered in this game, thus far. And he is only in the game for 5 minutes, then he’s gone.

Harkin tells Shepard where to find Gerrus – at the medical office. Shepard then decides to leave.

My thoughts thus far: There is just enough action in Mass Effect to keep me on my toes, but not overwhelming. The story is NOT boring, and I am looking forward to playing more!

Until next time…

* Thought for the day: Isn’t it funny how the double U’s in bewwwbly actually look like boobs?

** If you would like to see a hilarious video where Harkin hits on male Shepard and then says his Herpes tag-line, go here:
I was killing myself laughing! (This was a hack that originally had Harkin hitting on the female Shepard, and obviously not how it played in my game, but funny all the same)

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