[Gaming Diary] Mass Effect (Xbox 360): Part 2

This is my second entry in my gaming diary for Mass Effect (Xbox 360).

The short of it: A casual point-and-click gamer plays an RPG for the first time by herself.
The task: To play Mass Effect (the first one) in its entirety and to document her experiences along the way.

First-time reader and need context?
First Diary Entry
Diary Introduction

Update from last time:

My main character, Pepe Shepard, has been sent on a covert mission to retrieve a beacon, discovered by researchers, that holds the key to technology from the Protheans, a highly intelligent colony long ago dead. He is to return the beacon to the Citadel Colony so that its technology can be researched. BUT! Before he leaves, he finds out that the planet he has to go to, Eden Prime, is UNDER ATTACK!!

(Photo: meodia.com)

Chapter 1: Eden Prime


Shepard lands on Eden Prime, gun out and ready for action. He has three soldiers with him: humans, Jenkins and Kaiden, and Nihlus, an alien who is a Spectre (basically he holds a higher military command in the galaxy, does not answer to anyone, and can basically kill anyone – like an alien 007 ), and not well-liked by his human crew.

Everything is a mess on the planet. We see destruction everywhere. There is a huge fireball in the sky, and we can hear gunfire.

Nihlus declares he can take care of things on his own and runs off. Shepard says, “we got his back!” Wait, Nihlus is the Spectre…shouldn’t HE have OUR backs? WTH?

This is the first taste of combat I have seen in this game so far, as we are immediately being shot at by unknown figures, who seem electronic…like robots. I manage to “shoot and kill” them. Thankfully, my crew also helps me shoot attackers! But, one of my crew, Jenkins, gets killed in the first round. Booo…

We are introduced to Ashley Williams – a Gunnery Chief of the 212, who thinks the planet is being overrun by the geth, an artificially intelligent “race” who, I get the sense at this point, is going against their “maker” (like cylons in Battlestar Gallactica?? This is getting juicy!). Ashley thinks they are after this beacon Shepard is instructed to retrieve. She suspects everyone on the planet is dead – she is sure her crew is dead, and at least one is, as we witnessed these creatures impaling one of her crew on a large spike – eww!

They manage to get to the dig site where the beacon is supposed to be, but it’s gone. They head up to the research camp – maybe someone there is still alive? Maybe the beacon is there?

The camp has been attacked. We see more of these humans on spikes, only it appears they’ve been transformed into robots too! After destroying them, Shepard’s crew find two scientists in hiding, who were responsible for finding the beacon. They tell Shepard the beacon was moved by marines earlier to a spaceport.

Now, we find out what Nihlus has been up to. He meets up with fellow turian, Saren. We are not sure who Saren is at this point other than he is also a Spectre. He tells Nihlus he is there to help him with his mission. Nihlus states he can’t believe the geth are attacking. Saren says everything is under control as he takes a gun to Nihlus and kills him! What?!

(Photo: img1.wikia.nocookie.net)

Shepard and crew find Nihlus dead. As they are looking him over, they hear a noise behind some crates. A human named Powell hid behind them to save himself. He witnessed everything that happened between Saren and Nihlus. Shepard asks Powell how it is that no one else hid behind the crates? Turns out, Powell is a lazy bastard who was hiding back there to get some shut-eye before the attack happened. Best quote came from Ashley: “You survived because you’re lazy?” LOL

Powell tells the crew to take the cargo train to the area where the beacon is being kept. Of course, geth are waiting for them there and it’s shooting time!

Then, we see Saren – in cahoots with the geth. He tells one of them to destroy everything and leave no evidence. Uh-oh!

The crew arrive and have discovered the geth have planted bombs, which triggered a timed mission – dismantle all the bombs while being shot at! The game gives you 5 minutes. I admit, I didn’t get this the first time…three times a charm!

Soon thereafter, they find the beacon, which is turned on. Ashley moves towards it and the beacon’s magnetic charge seems to draw her to it. It takes Shepard to pull her away from it. Shepard then gets drawn into it briefly. At this point we see what Shepard experiences – flashes of orange. red and yellow. Nothing distinguishable. Then, the beacon lets him go.


Fade out.

We see Saren talking to someone called the Matriarch; basically a human-like character with big boobs. She tells him it was the Normandy that landed on Eden Prime and that they managed to save the colony. She also tells him that a human might have already used this beacon. This makes Saren furious! He says this human must be killed! Watch out, Pepe!

The Matriarch and her bewwwbs (Photo:honestcake.files.wordpress.com)

One thing I am really liking about this game is the ease of use of the menus. You can switch out weapons, look at a useable map, and also see what assignments and missions you need to complete. Excellent! I am really enjoying this game so far. The story is truly turning out to be top notch!

Until next time…


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