[Gaming Diary] Mass Effect (Xbox 360): Diary Intro

Last week, after completing Still Life, the Hubs suggested that my next game should be Mass Effect on the Xbox 360. By the end of that day, the hubs had brought his Xbox into the living room (where I normally game) and set it up for me; I found the Xbox controller lovingly placed on my seat on the couch – the man meant business!

(photo: meodia.com)

Then, this morning over a strong java, he said that I should do a series on my experiences with Mass Effect. I don’t normally play RPGs (at least not on my own) and am often frustrated by them – so why not get pissed off and rip off an entry on the whole experience with one of them then! Great idea, honey!

Actually, my reluctance to document this game comes from two factors: one, this game is a huge commitment – many many hours of gaming; and two, what if I hate this game? Or crap out and get bored of it? Well, you know I would document why and at least I’d know I gave Mass Effect the ol’ College try.

I’ve already played an hour’s worth of the game. Stay tuned…


  1. I’m a huge fan of the Mass Effect series. I will tell you that mechanically the first game is the worst and that is what will frustrate you the most. However, it does have a great story and characters in it. Tips: 1. Make sure you save often, it doesn’t do it automatically enough. 2. Be mindful of your inventory and make sure you and your squadmates have the best weapons you’ve got. Stick with it. It is a lot of hours but the pay off is worth it.


    1. Hey Mr. Dude, the “hubs” here. She hasn’t played too many games like Mass Effect so I’m thinking she won’t mind the clunky gameplay. And she’ll really like how much better ME2’s gameplay is if she makes it that far. I made sure she is playing on casual so I’m hoping that she won’t have to micro manage the weapons too much. Saving often is good really advice.

      Her complaint about Still Life was that it was a really good story but there wasn’t enough “game” in it. So I’m thinking now is the perfect time to introduce Mass Effect. I’m hoping it pays off since I love the games and would like to have another person I can share it with.


      1. ME2 is definitely a superior game but the original is still great for story. The ME series has a nice balance of RPG elements and shooter type action. I had some of the same concerns before playing but the combat kept me playing. Please don’t let her get turned off by the long elevator rides in the Citadel.


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