[Review] Adventures of Tintin (Android)

Any kid who grew up in the French Immersion elementary school system in Sudbury, Ontario in the 80s would be familiar with Hergé’s Adventures of Tintin. I swear, when we had library time, at one point the books that kids faught over aside from “Pipi dans le Pot*” and “Bruno and Boots**” were “Les Adventures de Tintin.” The school librarian would have mayhem on her hands as students would literally duke out to take home one of several of Tintin’s adventure books, probably because they were easy reads, had the required Français and were basically comics.

When I discovered that Hollywood was resurrecting the Tintin franchise, I was disappointed and not interested in what the movie had to offer. It was a Winter app sale on Google Play that piqued my interest in the Android game. $1.99! You can’t beat that price, especially since it is being sold for $6 on Google Play.

Following three full nights of playing the Adventures of Tintin, I woke up this morning, excited, thinking I had the number one game you MUST invest in if you own an Android tablet and like adventure games. Forget the price, I was ready to put FIVE STARS in the title. Now? I can still say I enjoyed this and that you should try it…with a VERY big caveat.

For those not familiar with who Tintin is, he is a young Belgian reporter who goes out of his way to investigate a good story and often finds himself in dangerous situations. Armed with his wits and his trusty dog, Snowy, he uncovers truths behind some dark characters.


The Adventures of Tintin game starts with Tintin finding an antique miniature of an old ship at a flea market. He buys it and immediately gets confronted by a man by the name of Sakharine who also wants to buy it. Too late, it’s already Tintin’s! One of Sakharine’s henchmen beats up Tintin and steals the boat from him. There ensues Tintin’s adventure to take back his ship and find out more about Sakharine.

The good: Great story, interesting mechanics on the tablet, graphics are crystal clear, music is sweeping, voice acting is very appropriate

The bad: Wait for it…the effer effing CRASHES!! Merde dans le pot…


This is an excellent adventure game. Looks great, sounds great. Great gameplay. The game takes advantage of a D-pad on screen as well as finger tapping and scanning to get your characters to move. Along the way you are made to collect as many gold coins and puzzle pieces as possible as the game is in progress, which creates a challenge. At the end of the chapter, you are given a tally of your achievements. You are given the opportunity to play Tintin, his dog, Snowy, as well as fellow sailor Haddock.

But, it saddens me to say that the game stopped working mid way through the fifth chapter without a checkpoint in sight, so when the game crashed, it only kept the safe point up to the end of the fourth chapter. This meant I had to replay the fifth chapter, only to have it crash in the same g-d spot. Three times a charm.

All this to say that the Adventures of Tintin game for Android is the best adventure game for the Android tablet that I have seen so far, despite this crashing. I know there is also a Tintin game for the Wii…I might review that and update my review in the future.

*”Pipi Dans le Pot” is an actual book and it is what it sounds like…it’s about toilet training, and is for 3 year olds…but you know kids and toilet humour…

**”Bruno and Boots” by Gordon Korman…I wonder what became of him?

The Adventures of Tintin (Android)
Developer: Gameloft
Released: 2012


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