[Review] Rooms: the Main Building (Nintendo DS)

A great mindless puzzler with a wtf plot. That’s how I would summarize Rooms: the Main Building, a game I am playing on the Nintendo DS.

Photo: amazon.com

It’s Mr. X’s birthday! His gift: getting propelled into a mystical hotel, the rooms of which are all completely scrambled around. Happy Birthday, Mr. X! Someone really doesn’t like you…Providing aid during his journey is Mr. Book, which is, well, a book of course…a book with eyes (creepy, creepy eyes…). There is also a sleeping chest that snores, that you wake up hitting it in the head with a mallet then feeding it planks. Yeah, okay, the story is lame, but hang in there. The GAME itself is fun.

So, Mr. X is caught in a scrambled room – his task is to find a way out through the door – but how can he with the room completely scrambled?? That’s where you come in. In this game you slide the scrambled image around, helping Mr. X get to the door so he can leave the room. The challenge lies in the fact that Mr. X can only move left or right unless a particular square happens to have a ladder. Other obstacles include locked doors, framed squares which impede access or a square that has debris. There are some elements that help Mr. X move around, such as a telephone teleporter that allows him to be spirited from one square to another and keys he can use to unlock a door in the room.

Photo: image.jeuxvideo.com

The graphics are not terribly sophisticated; actually, they are crap to be honest, and of course, par with other DS games, the top screen is a total waste while the bottom must include EVERYTHING, which makes for a teeny tiny playing area.

There are 100 puzzles to solve; a varied mix of easy to complex.  There is plenty of time-wasting fun in Rooms, that I would put in the same category as a crossword, sudoku or picross-type of game; something you can pick up or drop on a whim without much thought. Just don’t think too hard about the plot…

Rooms: The Main Building (Nintendo DS)
Developer: Hudson / Nintendo
Released: 2010


  1. Hey Sarca, have you played 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors? I see you’re a fan of puzzlers, including “escape the room types,” and 999 is the best of its kind, in my opinion. It’s part puzzle game, part visual novel, and the story is phenomenal, one of the best I’ve seen in a game. I spent hours playing it to get every ending.

    If you haven’t tried it, maybe give it a shot! Might be up your alley.


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