Tech Support Le Blows

Well, that was an interesting 3.5 hours…I really hate tech support.

It’s amazing how lost I feel without access to the internet. The hubs goes ballistic, understandably; especially when he made plans a week ago with his gaming buds for a round of remote gaming on the Wii, and our internet conveniently goes down the night of the event.

But there is more to the story than just the internet going down…our old internet provider was bought out by a Quebec company, and today at 5 PM the “Switchover” from old account to new account happened – totally screwing around the modem, IP address and its connection to the router. The end result was no access to the internet.

You would think someone at the new service provider would have let us know this problem was a possibility.

We spent a good part of 2.5 hours trying to figure out what happened. And you would hope the new-to-you internet company would give you a hand…no, too much to ask…I spent 45 minutes on hold with tech “blech” support and their unhelpful advice (apparently other people were having trouble as well).

Never mind, my Tech spoke French and was in training, joined to the hip with a translator who talked in my ear. The Tech had nothing to contribute. My Northern Ontario Français served me well tonight. And thanks to Dr. Google, the hubs and I fixed our own modem and router problems, merci beaucoup! We’re back online and the hubs is now playing Mario Kart with his gaming buds.

Bonne soirée!



      1. You guys earned it.

        I get really stressed out when the internet isn’t working. In the old days it used to get out all the time and I’d be on the phone with tech support every day. It’s been great since then. If it goes out, it’s always my hardware (router) that burned out.

        But yeah, I do stress out about stuff like that, because every single thing I do except buying gas and groceries is pretty much online!


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