Psst….What’s Your Password? ‘Cause I Forgot Mine…

Is it just me or does everything require you to provide a password these days?


I have been running into trouble with that one lately. My problem is that I have such a fear of a security breach but have a bad working memory for passwords. Sometimes I am so good at choosing a cryptic password I can’t remember it and I lock myself out of my own account.

My first foray into having a password was when I first got an email account my last year of University. Back then in the mid ’90s, the school gave you an email address and a unique password to use. The next year, I created my own email account with Yahoo and made some shit password up that I still used until a few months ago when some hacker from Peru hijacked my email account to spam “all of my contacts”.*

Today, when they tell you to create a new password, you are told to make them longer, with upper and lower case and add a few numbers in there for good measure. They even give you an indicator that tells you if you have a “strong” password or not. For me, this is okay, except I have SO MANY accounts with SO MANY websites I have a hard time keeping track any more. The password reset button has become my friend. With the number of times I have reset my passwords at Amazon, they probably think something’s wrong with me.

I recall buying and playing a game from some online gaming retailer three years ago, but could not remember which one: Direct2Drive (now Gamefly)? Gamersgate? Some other random retailer? Turns out, I don’t know! I tried using my email on a bunch of sites to reset my password, and they came up dry. There, see: My bad memory has made me lose out on a game!


In an attempt to remedy my situation, when I first got my Android tablet I got a password app and started inputting my accounts into it. The password app requires a password…which I have since been locked out of because I forgot it (irony…). Yeah, I don’t recommend that app…At least if my account is online I can recover it and change the password…but then I need to write down the new password somewhere…

I have since started cataloguing my usernames and passwords in a locked word file (yes, also password protected…sigh). With every website wanting you to create a username, password, provide your phone number and secondary email address, my head spins with all of it. These days, I think twice before starting a new online account with any company for fear I’ll forget the account altogether, let alone the username and password.

*Little did this Peruvian jerk know I use the Yahoo account for throwaway accounts and have zero contacts so the viagra ads went nowhere. Haha, Jerko…

How about you? What strategies do you use to remember passwords?


  1. I had my first computer password in ’88. Grade 11 computers class. But now I have so many damn passwords. I think I have 7 at work alone. Most of them have to be different, and different from the last 3 passwords. Not to mention a 4-digit voicemail passcode that changes every 3 months.

    At home, I basically forget my iTunes password every time I use iTunes (3-4 times a year). I recently completely forgot my Paypal password. And if it’s not the password it’s the login! Especially if it’s like Pizza Pizza or some place that I first logged into 10 years ago and you had to pick a username. Oh boy.

    Anyway, strategies? None. None that work.


  2. I hate it. Everything about it. It’s the bane of modern existence. I especially hate bank usernames that are just meaningless numbers that you’re somehow supposed to remember. And memorable data! What was your first pet called? So you type Bob and… get it wrong! Even though that was what your first pet was called! Aarghh what the actual f___?! HIS NAME WAS BOB.


  3. I use relatives names and their birthdays as passwords. Is that an invasion of privacy? I used to have a henchman do all this stuff for me as I preferred living under a rock and only conversing through smoke signals and colored flags. Unfortunately the henchman ended up having to go to school and his mom(my wife) told me to knock it off.

    I’m considering that rock once again.


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