[Video] Vinyl Record Collecting

I thought I would post this for those fellow bloggers that write about music collecting and appreciation (Hey Dudes!).

My hubs, Buried On Mars, has just posted a YouTube highlighting his vinyl collection for a contest run by fellow YouTuber, Round2Gaming.

Many a vinyl record profiled in this video was found on trips made together searching on hands and knees in smelly and dirty record store basements (good times!). I don’t go out of my way to collect vinyl myself, although I browse and…well…if I see something cool I can’t pass it up, like that Genesis Abacab vinyl (such a great album!). But, my collection of vinyl is nowhere near as big as the hubs’.

I still have a stack of old 45 singles from when my sis and I would buy them in the mid 80s. A lot of great Canadian music nostalgia in that pile…and showcased our questionable taste in music (okay, yeah, I’ll still listen to some of it..).

Anyways hope you enjoy the video!


  1. Nice selection! Blues Brothers/Axis/Regal/Paranoid/Everybody Knows/Thriller are all part of the ‘1001 albums you must hear before you die.’

    I’d certainly include the Back To The Future soundtrack on any must-hear list!


  2. Very cool. I love the fact that he brings up the ZZ Top remastering debacle of the 80s. Those classic albums turned into 80s pop hits. It was like Tres Hombres was produced by Jeff Lynne.

    I am a collector of the vinyl as well. I collect what I love, not just for the sake of collecting, though. And I’m not much of a digger. If there’s boxes on a dirty floor, well I’ll let the hardcore guys go through ’em. I’m lame, I know. I’ve only been collecting since 2008. And at first it was just my favorite bands I was collecting. Wilco, Flaming Lips, Andrew Bird, etc….and jazz. Then probably around late 2010 I started buying vinyl exclusively. I haven’t bought a CD since May of 2010. And if there’s limited edition preorders available that are on colored vinyl, I’m buying it. LOVE colored vinyl. Picture discs not so much.

    Anyways, really enjoyed the video.


    1. Glad you liked it! He’s always making videos, for the most part about video games, but we both have a lot of interests and for him, record collecting is one of them. For me…naw. But, we both LOVE music.

      And dirty floor searching sucks. I do it out of love for buriedonmars, nothing more. I am sure he’d dig around on hands and knees for some random boxed hidden object games for me, so it comes back. 🙂


      1. That’s great that you both will get dirty for each others obsessions. My wife totally supports my vinyl habit. We haven’t gone without milk, eggs, and bread yet because of it. Not yet, anyways. Though, Record Store Day is only two weeks away…

        If there was a chance I would find some Blue Note first pressings or some extremely rare 70s Italian giallo soundtracks then I might dig in the muck and mire. But I’d probably most definitely pout if I came up empty-handed. At least for 20 minutes.


    2. Thanks, man! I’m usually not that picky when it comes to remasters but those ZZ Top albums were so butchered! I can’t blame the band for trying it since their 80’s sound was so huge at the time. I’m just glad they’re back in their original form!


      1. I don’t mind issuing a remix, but only if it doesn’t replace the original! The ZZ remixes are not my cup of tea, but it was a different time. It was frustrating to be a ZZ collector until recently. I think all the original mixes are on CD now. I know some fans still dug the remixes, I always had customers looking for the ZZ Top Six Pack. Now it’s a quaint reminder of the 1980’s!


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