Sunday Not So Much Gaming but Traumatic Weekend Low-down

My car getting pulled out of the ditch

One word about winter…I’m done. Officially. I wasn’t expecting us to still be dealing with below double digit temps March 1, let alone snow.

I was also definitely not expecting to hit an ice patch on a two-lane highway in Kawartha Lakes, ON yesterday that had me slide my car into oncoming traffic, then careen sharply right over a large snowbank and roll downhill, narrowly missing a hydro pole and stopping shy of a row of trees.

A witness from across the road came running out to make sure we were okay.

I don’t know how, but no one was hurt in the making of this documentary.

And if you can call it lucky, there was another car that hit the same patch of ice and had slid into a snow bank a few meters shy of our incident only a few minutes earlier. This gentleman had called a tow truck. The tow truck had been tailing us from Port Perry to where the accident happened and had come to pull him out of the ditch. With good fortune, this tow truck was CAA certified (which I am a member of) so my towing fees were waived! An OPP officer also showed up just as I went into the ditch to help with the other gentleman’s tow.

My car is driveable, but there is damage to the front bumper’s undercarriage which will be looked after tomorrow. The car will also probably have to have an alignment and get checked out to make sure she is fit for my commutes to work.

We were on our way to visit family in Deep River, ON which is about a 5 hour drive from where we live. Obviously, we decided to postpone the trip for another time and turn around and go home. I am a bit traumatized by the event. It pops up in my brain every once in a while and catches me. I was the one driving and this is the first car accident I have ever had with me behind the wheel. I know in time I will feel better about it and move past it. Any day now.

This was not what we were hoping for on a Saturday. But, if there is a good way to run your car in the ditch, it helps to have all the services you need to assist you be right there waiting for you.


    1. The hubs says the bumper just needs to be fastened in place, so he figures $300. That doesn’t include any residual probs I might have with the car itself. We’ll see. I say it’ll be more.


      1. I think it’s always best to be prepared for the worst news but you can always try other places too.

        My dad has always said that when a car gets banged up like that, it’s never the same again. He has cat-like hearing when it comes to rattles, wind noise, ticks and pops.


        1. Agreed! I told my husband that this incident “broke the seal” and that I fear residual issues that won’t go away ever again for the life of the car. My husband is more optimistic.


          1. Well I suppose there’s no reason for pessimism, but I also suspect the event must have felt like every single bolt on your car was shaking loose! As I said I hope for the best! I’ve never had a significant accident, just a fender bender where some woman wasn’t paying attention and hit me at a red light. That just left me with a bad taste in my mouth for the individual who hit me, who was very difficult to deal with.


            1. The hubs and I have dealt with several fender-benders. One bad one on the 401 that destroyed my car over 10 years ago, but mostly other people rear-ending us. He had one difficult one where some rotten kid ran into him and his mom didn’t want to go thru insurance, but also didn’t like our estimate. I don’t think I have ever heard be so upset over the phone with anyone in my whole life! Accidents suck. At least this one, there was no ticket at all, the OPP witnessed it. That aspect was good.


            2. This is what happened in my case. I got my quote and we were going to settle it without insurance. However I was getting a bit of a runaround…they wanted to come to my house and look at my car and take pictures. We had already gone to the Police reporting center and had photos taken of both cars as well as the officer recording the damage to each. There was no need for them to come to my house.

              I spoke to my insurance company and I decided to go through insurance after all. I called the people up to let them know I had decided to go through insurance. Their son answered and said, “Oh, I think they are actually on their way to see you right now.” I was like WHAT?!

              Needless to say I made the right choice.


            3. That was nice of you to notify them about going thru insurance…My husband was very young and naive when that punk hit his car – didn’t even get police involved until I stepped in. Then we notified insurance. That mother was irritating. My husband yelled at her and said YOUR SON HIT ME!. I let insurance look after them. Best decision.


  1. That’s scary stuff – we had a perspective moment like that a couple weeks ago, my wife & a friend ended up in a snowbank. The roads in Ontario have been brutal this year. Traumatic for sure, mostly when realizing how yes it sucks the car is damaged but it could have been so much worse.

    And the Dutch speed skating coach that pointed his skater into the wrong lane in the 2010 Olympics had a great line that stuck with me, “just because you get in an accident doesn’t make you a bad driver.”

    Glad you folks are OK.


    1. Thanks, yeah I pride myself on my clean driving record (for the last 13 years, at least…l have a bit of a lead foot, but let’s not dredge the past…). I did what I could, but when you hit ice, you are done for. Kept my foot off the gas, and turned with the car, everything they tell you. We were incredibly lucky with the outcome.

      Glad your wife and her friend are fine too. Let’s hope our Ontario deep freeze ends promptly!


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