Sunday February 23 Gaming Low-Down

This week saw very little gameplay, but I did do a little reviewing. I finally got around to reviewing the Testament of Sherlock Holmes! What’s next on the gaming roster? Zelda – A Link Between Worlds. I have had my 3DS on pause for a couple of weeks now to finish up Sherlock Holmes so my full attention can be put on Zelda. Wish me luck!



This week I watched a couple of great documentaries that I wanted to bring to your attention if you haven’t watched them yet.

I got around to watching the Cove this week, which highlights the capture and slaughter of dolphins in Japan. They are captured to be sold to SeaWorld and other types of Marine entertainment joints. Dolphins are also killed for their meat, but as I’ve found out, dolphin meat is way too high in mercury to be healthy enough for human consumption (this isn’t a spoiler, people.). The Cove follows on the heels of watching Blackfish, another documentary I saw last month which highlights whales in captivity for entertainment. This one focuses on SeaWorld directly, and the death of one of the trainers by one of the whales. Watching both these docs makes me wonder how SeaWorld stays in business. As a kid I visited SeaWorld and Marineland (Ontario, Canada) and never thought twice about it. It’s like the hubs says, the reason they stay in business is because people go to them. Hmm. Blackfish is on Netflix, and the Cove is on YouTube.

On to a cheerier documentary subject…I watched Man On Wire, a documentary that focuses on Phillippe Petit, a French entertainer and tightrope walker. Back in 1974, he managed to conspire and execute a plot to secretly string a wire between Tower 1 and Tower 2 World Trade Center and the man WALKED THE DAMN ROPE between them towers! The title of the documentary, which I initially thought was a play on the Denzel Washington film, Man on Fire, is actually what a police officer wrote on his report regarding Petit’s offense: “Man on Wire”. I have to say this was one of the most interesting films I have seen in a long time. It might be sad to reflect on how the towers are no longer there, but the film doesn’t dwell on that aspect at all. It talks about them being built, which was so interesting to see. Man on Wire was uplifting, suspenseful, funny and charismatic. I watched this on Netflix and I highly recommend you do too!

Lastly, my follower numbers for this blog saw a jump this week – 4 new followers! This blog has never been about the numbers, but I must concede it is always nice to gain a new audience, so thanks!

Have a good week out there!



    1. You’re welcome to it! It’s all true. I get the sense your blog is as much a diary for you inviting outsiders to read it as mine is. I have fallen into the trap of writing for an audience exclusively before and l wound up resenting the whole thing. This time I feel I am in my stride and enjoying the company along the way. That is what it should be about. And if I have only a small audience, so be it. 🙂


      1. Agreed – it’s important to make the writing genuine as opposed to editing it for mass appeal/for a specific target audience etc. Now if people insist on following our blogs, we won’t say no of course! 😉


  1. I didn’t know that about dolphin meat being so high in mercury, but the thought of eating dolphin would never have occurred to me.

    It’s a shame that now we have to limit our seafood intake due to mercury poisoning.


    1. Shocking too that I learned from this film that the way things are going with mercury in seafood, we will be excluding it as a food source by the time we are in our 80s. Scary sh!t!


      1. Remember when it was OK to eat a serving of fish every day? Now they say you’d be crazy to do that. It used to be the healthy meat choice.

        As a science nerd, I recommend this guy’s videos for great demonstrations with mercury…safety precautions taken of course! Enjoy.


          1. My dad’s prone to storytelling but he claims growing up in the 1940’s they played with mercury in science class. He says they used to cover their pennies with it and make them look silver.


            1. I’m sure if I asked my Mom she would also recall playing with mercury in science class (grew up in the 40s and 50s). Scary. And gee, I remember playing with milk of magnesia…lol


            2. I have a very vague memory of our school closing for a few days for asbestos removal. Man it’s funny how things change.

              The mercury poisoning issue got me thinking about how much fish I used to eat, which got me thinking about how much fish I want to eat, which got me thinking about this:


      1. Gasp, your first Zelda?? You are in for a treat, there’s nothing like experiencing one of these games for the first time, before getting jaded and fighting over which is the *true* best game in the series, haha. I hope this encourages you to try a couple of the other ones!


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