Sunday February 16 Gaming Low-Down

I’m gonna make this a brief low-down since I am just getting over a “stomach thing”…

The only game I played this week was the Testament of Sherlock Holmes. But, I am proud to say I FINISHED IT (Thursday night)!! I was going to write up a review yesterday, but I just couldn’t muster the energy. I have screen shots and everything, so you’ll be getting something resembling a review this upcoming week, hopefully.

Another thing I’ve been working on is some background tracks for my husband’s YouTube channel, Buried On Mars. I play the drums (or should I say try…) while my husband plays guitar and bass. He’ll be using the tracks in his videos.

This week, I watched a lot of documentaries, but here are two of the best ones:

Fellow blogger, Mike Ladano, suggested I watch the Stephen Hawking documentary, Hawking. It was quite good; it delved into his career, as well as his personal life. It was told in his voice (well, his synthesized voice) which really gave the film a personal touch. I have to say I never took an interest in Physics, so the stuff about black holes and the big bang were a bit over my head. But, I still enjoyed hearing about Hawking’s life.

The Women’s Kingdom is a documetary short about a tribe in Southwest China who are considered one of the last known matriarchal societies. It was interesting to see how none of the women living there was the least bit interested in marriage. They do recognize a “walking marriage” where a man and woman choose to be together, but if things go south, they agree to split amicably. The women choose who to have father their children even if they aren’t in a walking marriage with the father, and the women’s mother and grandmother raise the children. The film is on Youtube.

Anyway, that’s about it for this week. Have a good one out there!



  1. Big BOOOOOOOOOO on stomach bugs!

    Glad you enjoyed the Hawking! My wife was not interested in the physics aspect, at least not in that detail. She likes her physics just enough to understand the jokes on Big Bang Theory. But like you it was his life we were drawn to.


    1. Yep, I love BBT, but am not into math at all.

      Re stomach bug: It was weird. Not your typical. Stomach cramps, loss of appetite, nausea, but no “activity”. I’m on the road now and eating again. Total boourns, tho!


      1. We love BBT, but I was laughing at all the Shroedinger’s Cat jokes because I try to read science magazines that I don’t understand 🙂 Actually the Cat was an important part of the Coen brothers movie A Serious Man if you ever get to see that one.


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