Sunday February 9 Gaming Low-Down

So much game! Somebody stop me from buying any more games!!

I am buying them faster than I can play them and now I am buying duplicates of games because I haven’t been keeping better track. Bad Sarca – Bad!



Part of the reason I can’t play the games any faster is because I have this hang up about money…I need to work to pay the bills, so a large chunk of my time has been taken up with working and commuting. Compound it with the g-d snow we’ve been having in the Greater Toronto Area this week which has made getting to said work and coming back to my precious games challenging…Sadly, I only completed one game this week – Dark Dimensions: City of Fog (PC). I have also been tackling the Testament of Sherlock Holmes and am about half way where I should be when I had to return the copy I was borrowing…man it’s a big game!

I don’t know if any of you noticed from my Dark Dimensions review, but I included screenshots of my gaming in with it. I own a license of Fraps which is a screen-capturing software for PC, but haven’t used it up until now. Because I play more PC games than any other system, I will be able to include more pics in with my blogposts, and I think it adds a more personal touch than what I have been doing up until now. Might I add that my husband has encouraged me to start my very first Zelda game – it’s the latest game, Zelda: a Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS. I have already been stuck a couple of times, lol. I’ll keep you posted.

This week’s documentary feature find comes from Louis Theroux, British Journalist extraordinaire and his documentary feature for the BBC, a Place for Paedophiles. There is a mental hospital for paedophiles called Coalinga State Hospital in Fresno County, California. This hospital is a maximum security hospital that houses inmates previously convicted of sexually violent acts and have lived out their sentences but are deemed likely to re-offend and therefore not safe to be released. Theroux focuses on paedophiles, but also meets other inmates that have been convicted of unspeakable acts. Within the hospital, there is a rehabilitation program that is voluntary…and I have to say there aren’t many inmates that participate. But some that do do get deemed rehabilitated and are released. A Place for Paedophiles is quite an interesting film, and is currently free to watch on YouTube.

Anyway, hope the weather is better where you are…have good week!



  1. I assure you, the weather is not better where we are!

    I’ve been gaming Angry Birds Go on the BB all week. I enjoy it as a cross between Mario Kart and Top Gear Rally type gaming, but I find it frustrating that some challenges appear to be unbeatable. (For example to make a 300m jump on a track where no such gaps exist.) Maybe I’ll figure it out.


        1. Nice phone! I was wondering how Angry Birds would translate on a smaller screen with qwerty keyboard lmao!
          I have Samsung Galaxy S2 and dig it. My old phone was a brick so this one is a step up!


          1. Yeah the BB is my first “nice” phone. And depending on reviews I may end up upgrading to the Z30 with the bigger screen. We’ll see! I have no reason to upgrade right now.

            My only complaint gaming-wise is that games such as Jetpack Joyride are on an ancient version when my iPad friends have a cooler one.


            1. My husband has a Nexus phone that was the sh!t 3 years ago but now crashes every time he breathes into it. They don’t build ’em to last. I tell him we’ll get him a new one but then he says “NOOOooo! I like my phone!” Okay, then…he hardly plays games on his phone…neither do I for that matter. Mostly play on my tablet


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