[Review] Dark Dimensions: City of Fog (PC)

The legend of Dark Dimensions…a space between the living and dead. Where the light has been snuffed out, like the wind has blown the flame out of a candle. All that is left is the smokey semblance of what was. Silvertown, ME has been living in a dark dimension for a over a century. A fog has descended, and the townfolk have all disappeared. What is left are the ghosts and demons of those people, roaming around the town.

You have your own story: as a child, your family died in a car accident. Ever since, you are obsessed with the supernatural and dark dimensions, and have always wanted to bear witness to one with the hope that you will be able to see your family again. Your chance to experience it comes one day when a mysterious letter appears on your desk at work that talks about dark dimensions in the town of Silvertown, ME. You hastily quit your job to pursue it. You pack up your CRV and enroute, somehow crash it at the gates of Silvertown, ME – was it your bad driving? The weather? Or the demon souls in Big Fish Games’ hidden object game, Dark Dimensions: City of Fog? Let’s find out…

The good: Great vivid graphics, uncomplicated hidden object scenes and eerie music that startles. Complex labyrinth of many rooms, locations and pathways to explore.

The bad: Clichéed plot devices. The map is useless. And [where’s my slingshot?] that caw caw cawing crow…

To start, let’s acknowledge the plot is a little hoo-ish. When you crash your car, a guide book “mysteriously” appears in your car that tells a more scientific explanation for dark dimensions:

“Researchers have theorized that 30% of earth made up of dark matter particles, invisible to naked eye. Origins of dark particles [has to do with] super-symmetry equations and dark-dimensional theories, [which is] also said to be cause of newly discovered Dark Dimensions located throughout the world. One place is Silvertown, ME. The town disappeared a century ago. According to gravitational readings, conditions will mirror those existing when the city was swallowed by a thick fog.”

I am not sure what any of that means, except it’s fancy-speak for “you are traipsing around an abandoned town in fog.” Really, THAT’S IT. But, forget that. The game is fun.

City of Fog is gorgeous: every single scene is meticulously done, and nothing appears unfinished. It actually made you feel like you were searching in a cold dark place. The developers obviously worked hard on every aspect. The gameplay is smooth and I experienced no glitches while playing. City of Fog is fulsome with many areas to explore and search – at least 30 separate areas by my estimation. This is not a traditional linear game, so you were permitted to go around and search where you want provided you have the right tools to access them. The hidden object scenes were easy and there is also an interesting mix of other puzzles to play. And the music…eerie and startling at times.

As with many hidden object games, there were also clichéed plot devices in City of Fog: Misty fall weather, a train station, a repetitive cawing crow that wouldn’t quit and ritual sacrifice involving burning sage. If there are any ghosts, you can bet there will be some ritual herbs to be found or some candles to be lit. I don’t consider this a problem so much as not unique. At least the developers created a great distraction (or attraction) to hide this tired rehashing.

My main complaint with City of Fog has to do with the map. With such an elaborate game with so many locations, why wouldn’t they include a half decent map??  The game provides a lame-o guide that looks like it was hand-drawn from outer space…it shows locations from the top of a skyscraper…but going into rooms and alleyways, you need a closer perspective here. I had a walkthrough on stand-by as I was nearing the end of the game, because I could remember the room an object was in…I just couldn’t recall HOW TO GET TO IT…

Overall, Dark Dimensions: City of Fog is one of the better hidden object games I have played, and highly recommend it!

Dark Dimensions: City of Fog
Developers: Daily Magic Productions
Released: 2011


        1. Not yet! With the weather this week, I’ve been getting home late or had hair appointment, or running around shopping…all this to say my evenings have not been my own lately (which is when I watch / play).

          The hubs and I were in Milton yesterday. Went to a place called toyratt. Lots of game, and some vinyl, but expensive. Guy running the joint was pulling out his phone to check prices on merch (no tags on anything), and not sure it was a master list or ebay he was checking…not too impressed there. 44.95 for a collector’s ed of Alan Wake and it was FULL of pet hair. No thanks! Not recommend.


          1. Thanks for the tip, I don’t think I’ll be checking that place. Owning checking phone for prices is not a good sign. And clean the pet hair out of your stuff before you sell it. Jeez. That’s just common sense. I had a large Lego collection and I cleaned the dust off every damn brick when I sold. Do you know how many weekends that took??


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