Sunday February 2 Gaming Low-Down

Alas, I did not complete any games this week, but I have been gaming!

I have been playing Dark Dimensions: City of Fog on PC, the great Big Fish Games HOG. I’ve played it through once already a few years ago when I started playing casual games with any regularity, and loved it. Round two is no disappointment!

I also tried my hand at SafeCracker – a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. I will reserve critique for now and just say that it’s challenging!

Yesterday, my husband and I went out shopping and found some decent deals! My best find was L.A. Noire for $1.99 at Best Buy (PC version)! I thought it was a joke – nope! Other finds include a Mystery Case Files collection, a Jake Hunter game (DS), a game based on the Sam Rockwell movie, Moon (DS), and an Agatha Christie mystery game called Evil Under the Sun for the Wii. So much game!

This week, I watched an HBO doc from the director who brought you Jesus Camp called “12th and Delaware”. This one is about an intersection in Fort Pierce, Florida that has a Pregnancy crisis clinic across the street from an abortion clinic. Let me tell you – disturbing. No blood, no guts; not that kind of disturbing…more about the tactics the Pregnancy crisis clinic uses to stop young women from walking across the street to end their pregnancies. The doc also looks at the other side of the road from the perspective of the abortion clinic employees and how careful they have to be with their own safety.

Anyway, a short update. Hopefully I’ll get to game more this week. Have a good one out there!



  1. Great update. I started playing a new download this week which is Angry Birds Go. Kind of like the Mario Kart of Angry Birds, but easier to drive. And we watched a great documentary on Stephen Hawking last night. Incredible stuff. Very funny guy too.


    1. When I found it for that price, I got all excited. My husband didn’t particularly enjoy it when he played it, but I like to come to my own conclusions, thankyouverramuch! 😉


      1. I can see why some gamers might not like it. The gameplay gets very repetitive really quickly but, in a way, I found that quite realistic! Haha it was just like a job in real life! And I’m just a sucker for Noir and Private Eye stuff so I just liked being in that world! I enjoyed just driving around listening to the radio haha.


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