[I Watched Play] X Blades and Blades of Time and Wish I Could Unsee

Allow me a minute to say that I am usually rather meh when it comes to all the conversation around Anita Sarkeesian’s Women vs Tropes in video games. I guess I am tired of the subject. I know women haven’t always been represented the best in the medium, but I have chosen not to point out discrepancies or write a blog about it one way or the other. Frankly, I am not that easily offended.

Tonight, I had that constitution challenged, as I watched my husband play X Blades on the PC. He didn’t play the game for long…just long enough for me to observe a very scantily-clad woman, the main character, wearing something akin to string to cover her privates. What made it worse was that you play the character in third person, so their back is turned to you as they run around the scene. Because of this dynamic, at some angles we get to stare up the girl’s bare bum with dental floss g-string (let me emphasize the UP – I felt like a proctologist…) as she dances around the scene killing pseudo-insects with her giant swords. You can see images of what I’m talking about here and here (better not click if the kiddies are around).

The front cover of X Blades has the girl underdressed, sure, but frontally. We weren’t expecting to have such a backside view. My husband even commented, “Gee, I wasn’t expecting this much a$$!”

Things sort of improve with X Blades’ sequel, Blades of Time…the developers put the girl in more clothing, and at least the posterior is covered. But, I couldn’t help but notice in the opening sequence that all the men were dressed in heavy cloaks with their faces covered, while the girl you play wears a lot less clothing. Again, at least her butt is covered…

If you want to know an opinion on the gameplay of Blades of Times, no one says it better than my husband: “Effing terrible!”

So, yes, in two games I got to see a lot o’ girl bum. It was…too much bum. Was I offended? I wouldn’t say that, but, I did have a reaction. I think about the same reaction I would have if I was staring at Prince of Persia’s hairy plumber butt as he scaled walls.


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