[Short Review] Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White (PC)

Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White is based on an original 1850s Wilkie Collins mystery made into a hidden object game. It is one of these boxed games I picked up for 4.99 at Future Shop. It comes packaged with two other games which is usually my biased clue this game is gonna blow. But, it wasn’t that bad.

A man is hired to teach two aristocratic girls fine art. He moves into their estate, falls in love with one of the girls, but can’t marry her because she is promised to some squandering baron with evil intentions. All the while, there is a mysterious woman dressed in white roaming the property…is she a ghost? A real person?

The story is definitely this game’s strength. The game itself is fast-paced and really short; if you could get an hour and a half out of it… Hidden object sequences are predominently what you play here along with some “click the appropriate response” parts, which really didn’t make much sense to the overall story; the story was going to play out how it was supposed to anyway regardless of what response I chose to say. The HOG scenes are cluttered, and some objects are hard to see. The hint button is slow to recharge, which you find yourself using quite a bit (because you can’t see!). Also, the game often wouldn’t register my mouse click on an object. You are able to navigate from room to room easily and the game lets you know if you are done in a particular room. The graphics aren’t bad, and neither is the voice-acting, all things considered.

Woman in White may be enjoyed by newcomers to the HOG genre; Those experienced can safely pass.

Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White
Developer: Freeze Tag Games
Released: 2010


  1. I’ve been itching for some new games. Maybe I too should check out the $4.99 bin at Future Shop. Haven’t been there in a while, and I need new printer ink! Sometimes the games in the bin can be decent, if just a bit old. Wish me luck!


    1. The 4.99 games are on a shelf (not a bin) at the back of the games section, closer to the stereo equipment. At least the two Future Shops I went to around here have had them back there. You’ll find games there on clearance for all systems. Ask the salesperson if you can’t find them.


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