Sunday January 12 Gaming Low-Down

[Or, what are we gonna do with ALL THESE GAMES!?!]


My hubs, Buried On Mars, has run into a dilemma. He has run out of room! Well, if you wanna know the truth, some of the games ARE mine…

A while back, one of our bedrooms was converted into the ultimate gaming room. If you watched his latest video, you will find out that we ended up splitting the room in two (again), meaning, retro games were moved back into our rec room, and new games stayed upstairs. And, with the major haul he got this past Christmas, he is fighting for space. A conversation started, some discussion continued that included a possible trip to Ikea in Vaughn, Ontario (Jane and Hwy 7 – the busiest effing intersection North of Toronto. Sorry for the language, but…it is!), but for now, he settled on some wall shelving we had in another bedroom. He is hard at work now cataloguing all our games, while I am working on some meatloaf and mashed dinner, and listening to some AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, Rush and ZZ Top.

This week’s gaming adventures saw me once again in the Borderlands (Level 29!!), as well as playing the epic hidden object adventures, the Woman in White (never heard if it? I am sure most have not…). Oh, and I have installed the Testament of Sherlock Holmes on my PC and am trying to get through it again to the part I had left off when I had to give back the PS3 version.

I also reviewed Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. You can read that here.

Lastly, for those of you on Twitter, you MAY be interested to know I have blown the dust off my Twitter account. I have a button on the right of the blog here where you can easily follow me, or look me up at @Sarca_Sim. You can bet I won’t be just tweeting about gaming, and promise to keep the retweeting to a minimum.

Okay, peeps, thanks for reading! Let me know what you have been playing this week! And as always, friends, HAPPY GAMING!!



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