Epic Xmas Gaming Haul in Video Form!

A Buried On Mars exclusive!

Remember this pic that I posted from Christmas?


If you want deets on that gaming haul my husband got this past Xmas, look no further! Watch his latest video on YouTube where he shares all, including other stuff he got for Xmas (*cough TurboGrafx 16 *cough)!



  1. I enjoy video blogs and I wish I had a cool backdrop of video games or CDs to put behind me! All I have currently is wallpaper with sailboats 🙂

    Watching the video now, enjoying it very much. The Turbo Graphix is friggin’ huge!


    1. It isn’t, actually. It fit in a box the size of one of those slimline toasters. Got it off of eBay! 🙂

      My husband proposed we do a video together. Mulling it over…


      1. If I’ll be honest I wish I had somebody to do every video with me, I feel weird talking to a camera…I much prefer talking to another human being (in frame or not)…

        You could be the off-camera interviewer!


          1. Well privacy is always an important decision. I’m afraid I gave up on my privacy ages ago. I don’t think it’s going to get any easier to maintain privacy in the future.


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