Sunday January 5 Gaming Low-Down

First gaming low-down of 2014! Well, first up, considering my week o’lists, I almost feel like there isn’t much more to say about what I have been playing…

1. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (PC)- What can I say. I have decided to stop playing. Review time!

2. Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel (PC) – yeah, if you have been keeping up, I wrote a ripping review for this game. Read it here!

3. Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS) – Played this with the hubs over wifi. What fun! I have to play more!

4. Woman in White (PC) – GIP

An update on a game I played in late November/early December…the Testament of Sherlock Holmes…I was originally playing this game on the PS3, but the copy I was playing wasn’t mine, and it was due back in the hands of its rightful owner at Christmas, and well, I didn’t finish it in time to return the game (too bad, it was just starting to get juicy!). Well, I was lucky to find the Testament of Sherlock Holmes on Steam for $4.99. I will have to play it through once more to get back to where I was, but that goes to show you how good of a game it is.

Also, if you are looking for discounted casual and hidden object games, Future Shop is selling them off at discounted prices! I went home with 4 compilations yesterday at $4.97 each (one being the Woman in White). You never know about compilations – where you buy one game and 3 more are tacked on. The 3 tacked on are usually crap, but I figure, 5 bucks for 4 games? Even for one game, that is cheaper than what you’d get on Big Fish Games!




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