What I Played: Crappy Games in 2013

With the awesome games I played in 2013, you can bet there were some crap ones!

Unfortunately, Android games are heavily represented on this list. I am always trying to find decent games to play on my tablet, but *phew! Some of ’em…stinky! DS games are also on this list. What can I say…developers are trying to make decent casual games. I guess you can’t win ’em all.

But you, gentle reader, can win by taking my advice: Read the reviews to the games below, have a good laugh on me, and AVOID these games!


10. James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion (Nintendo DS)

A detective needs to clean up the murder scene like some maid before she “investigates”…

9. Nancy Drew: Deadly Secret of Olde World Park (Nintendo DS)

Nancy goes to investigate a…zzz..oh, sorry, fell asleep there….

8. C.S.I.:Dark Motives (Nintendo DS)

I’d rather be eating candy than play this game…

7. Amazing Race (Wii)

Good ol’ Phil: What the hell were you thinking, Dude?

6. Infernus (Android)

I hated this game…

5. The Sanctuary (Android)

Not a good game…thankfully it’s only 20 minutes long.

4. The Passenger (Android)

*poke *poke *poke [That’s the sound on my finger on my tablet trying to get this passenger moving…]

3. Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard (Android)

Yeah, this image should have been my first clue it was crappy…

2. Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets (PC)

You need microscopic vision to play this game.

1. Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel (PC)

Bad voice acting, bad graphics, bad plot elements – Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel has it all! There wasn’t a game I played in 2013 that could have possibly topped it. And just under the wire, too – right in time for New Year’s Eve! Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel is the CRAPPIEST game I played in 2013!!

There you have it! Anyone play some really awful games this past year?


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