Sunday December 29 Gaming Low-Down

My last Sunday Gaming Low-Down of 2013!! The year went by way too fast!

How was everyone’s Christmas? Mine was fantastic. Got to see some family, open some presents and partake in a gluttonfest of awesome food.

People have been posting pics of their Xmas loot, so here’s mine!

dec 2013 xmas haul
Last January, I started watching Doctor Who with my husband, so several gifts were inspired by the Doctor: A stuffed Dalek (my favourite villain) and a stuffed Tardis, along with Tardis and Dalek socks! My husband  bought me a red Nintendo 3DS XL with the game Shifting World! That was about all the gaming I received for Christmas…. That doesn’t mean the sales on Steam weren’t taken advantage of (and still are!).

Because of travel, etc, I didn’t play much this week.

1. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game – read my review here

2. Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir – I know I reviewed this game, but it’s so much fun, why not? It’s a great game on the go.

3. Borderlands 2 – GIP with the husband!

4. The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness – played it, and completed it yesterday. Review to follow.
This game would not play on my Win7 computer, so my husband scrounged together some old computer parts to put together the ultimate Windows XP gaming PC! lol, I know, why are we going backwards? Well, some old time games just do not play nice on newer computers. Cameron Files is an older game (at least 10 years old), and my husband has several games like this in his collection, so it’s not a bad idea to keep an old computer around.

Speaking of my husband…


Check out the games my father-in-law found for my husband at a rummage sale at a local church! That’s right, God-fearing folk are off-loading their games and consoles! There are Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1 and 2, and Gamecube games (among others!). Of course there are duplicates. My husband will go through them, clean them up, and give the ones he doesn’t want back to the church to sell.

With only a couple of days left ’til 2014, I am gearing up to get my last blogpost of 2013 written, which will be the essential Caught Me Gaming 2013 Game List! I still have a couple of reviews to brush up beforehand. Until then, I’d be interested in knowing if you guys have done any gaming this holiday season and did Santa bring you any cool games this year?

Until next time, thanks for reading! And, as always….HAPPY GAMING!!!



  1. That is retro game heaven! I really enjoy your posts. I’m not a huge gamer myself. I have GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption on the go at the moment (and love Badlands on my phone) but it takes me forever to play this stuff and I think the only game I’ve ever played the whole way through is LA Noire!


  2. It’s nice that you have someone to play Borderlands 2 with. I have been playing Borderlands 1 and just suck at it. I love the game… but I just can’t get past some parts. I really don’t get it. Unless I just run around I guess and keep killing lower level NPCs not on jobs then that would be the only way to level up. I am quite excited though about Tell Tale games making a Borderlands game. That is going to be cool!!


    1. The secret to Borderlands is that you need to do side missions to gain XP and level up so you can get better weapons and shields. We discovered this ourselves when meeting high-level bosses and were unable to get past them. Borderlands 2 is similar to this. We were thinking we sucked too, but we switched it up, and found this strategy worked pretty well. 🙂


  3. Church sales are the best! Once I found a SEALED (therefore complete) Jurassic Park board game, for $1. I couldn’t in good conscience pay a church just $1 for that game, so I gave them $5. Turns out it’s an excellent game with loads of dino pieces.

    Nice haul! I like the Dr Who and Gumby goodies.


    1. Not mentioned is that my inlaws volunteer at their church’s rummage sale twice a year, and help organize the loot. So, they essentially get first dibs, which is awesome! Husband throws some decent dough at the church so they get the money. Found some awesome things there, like mint original Star Wars curtains.We have them, but haven’t put them up (too precious to have fade!)


      1. That sounds amazing. I know I still have my old Empire bed sheets. I was lucky — at a certain point when I was outgrowing things, my mom started putting them away for me because she knew they’d be valuable. She was right obviously, so all my Star Wars stuff, bedsheets included are packed away safe!

        First dibs is great! Unless you’re one of those Garage Sale people that hang out in front of people’s houses at 5:30 am.

        At another church sale I found a dozen Marvel Transformers comics from the 80’s that I was missing. I think I paid 25 cents each, they were a real score.


        1. No, we aren’t lurkers at all, in fact, we haven’t been to a garage sale for a while now.

          My mom never had the wherewithal to save anything for us, so I don’t have too much – some stuffed animals and barbies. Funny, what I do have, I have kept and squirreled away – like my Duran Duran and INXS program books and old 45s! Who knows, with my mom, they might have been recycled or thrown into a landfill!!


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