Sunday December 15 Gaming Low-Down

Ahh, Borderlands 2...

Ahh, Borderlands 2…

This week, I concentrated my efforts on getting better from last week’s terrible virus I contracted. Rest assured, I am well on the road to recovery. But, this meant that my reviews are non-existant this week. All I can say is while fighting this awful thing, I would come home from work so frickin’ tired that all I felt like doing was staring at the TV or play Borderlands 2. To that end, my husband and I finished watching the entire HBO series, The Wire, and what an amazing show that was (anyone watch it? I highly recommend it!)! I am still playing Borderlands 2 which is turning out to be challenging and fun.

Also this week, I began to play Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. If you have played the first Alan Wake, and decide to try this one, you are in for a couple of surprises.

Well, that’s it for this week, fellow readers. Not much to write home about. I have about a week left of work before I am on vacation (can’t wait!), which, aside from some traveling to see family, I hope to get some quality gaming in!

As always, happy gaming!


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