[Review] Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets (PC) – Here’s a Secret: It blows

A serial killer has been killing random antique dealers, and it’s detective Nicole Bonnet’s job to find out who. Her job is made that much more difficult as she is made to search through messy rooms for clues to crack the case. It’s just a normal day in hidden object mystery world for Nicole, but pure torture for me.

I could say that Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets had a great story or the music was stellar. But, I won’t…Besides, all of that is meaningless in my book when the gameplay absolutely sucks.

Ever play a hidden object game that gives you x number of items to find in a certain amount of time? These games exist – I don’t come across them too often these days, mind you. Some games even penalize you points if you run out the clock. Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets IS that game, and does it in the most excruciatingly unfair way. Try having to locate 20 items in under two minutes; an hourglass’s sand running out as you play. If the hourglass runs out, all the items you have just found reappear on screen and you are made to locate them AGAIN! Better hope your memory’s good…

What makes this even more brutal is the objects that you are searching for are so small, you can barely see them. Tiny items are on this list such as a pen, a button, a paperclip…I mean, seriously? You don’t have a prayer finding these items in time. There is a hint button to help you along the way, but it is very slow to recharge, so at best you would have one hint per two minutes. You cannot skip through any of these puzzles, so if you can’t get past them the first time, try try again. This format ultimately made me stop the insanity and move on to better games.

Now locate that teeny speck of dust for me…

I can take there being a timer on a hidden object puzzle (even though I don’t like them) but to make one click through every object AGAIN like it is some sort of memory game is ridiculous, and NOT FUN! And in my opinion, if it’s not fun it’s not worth playing. Detective Nicole Bonnet will be solving this one on her own.

Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets
Publisher: City Interactive
Released: 2011


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