Sunday November 10 Gaming Low-Down

I played three games this week:

1. Alter Ego (PC)- read the review here.

2. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (PS3) – GIP

3. Sonic All-Star Racers Transformed (PC) – co-op with the hubs

This week is all about change – the changing of the leaves, changing of services, changing of attitudes.

Let me start with attitudes. Back in August, I had played a couple of Sherlock Holmes games – The Mummy and the Silver Earring  – and I didn’t really give them a favorable review. I also expressed that I was getting irritated with Holmes’s character. Well, I allowed to let some time pass, and decided to pull out the Testament of Sherlock Holmes for the PS3 this week. I am happy to say that I have had a bit of an attitude adjustment: I am actually enjoying this game! Yes, Holmes is very “know-it-all” and stuffy, but he has the goods to back it up. And this game on the PS3 is a fresh take on an old character.

One big thing happened this week in terms of service change: Google has decided to integrate Google+ with YouTube for good. This means anyone who wants to post, comment and manage anything on YouTube must have a Google+ account, where before, this was managed within YouTube’s user interface. I don’t have an active YouTube Channel – my husband does (Buried On Mars! Shameless plug!), and he has been dealing with the fallout of this over the past week. This issue has made Twitter and other social media light up like a Christmas tree as Google, bragging it is surpassing Twitter in usership (and hoping to take on Facebook), forces people to have a G+ account in order to use and comment on YouTube. Google says it is so you can share and interact with your G+ friends, and cut out all the mean trolling comments that YouTube is known for.

I know Facebook and Twitter make everything public by default until you change the settings. But using social media should be a personal choice – not thrust upon people. Google is presenting it under the guise that “you can share everything with your friends.” I don’t know anyone on Google+ (none of my friends use it), and I haven’t really used it for months. So, essentially, I am part of a service that I don’t benefit from yet my name is out there. And really, do you want to share everything with your friends? I don’t. I wonder what the fallout of this change will be in the blogosphere… Time will tell. Just some thoughts for a Sunday.

I hope you guys are having more game-minded thoughts today and having fun out there.

Thanks to the THREE new subscribers to my blog!

And, as always, Happy gaming!



  1. Still gaming Jetpack Joyride on the BlackBerry Z10. I’ve now completely 154 levels. There are 15 levels per game so I’ve completed the game 10 times now. But it remains fun as I change up my strategies and try to improve scores.

    Interesting commentary about the Google + thing. I have one too, never use it, not really interested in juggling something else. I have a Youtube channel but only because it’s an easy way to embed my own custom videos in WordPress. I think a good rule of thumb regarding any social media or internet content is “If you don’t want everyone in the world to see it, don’t put it anywhere.” I’ve put some embarrassing stuff up on my blog but hopefully nothing incriminating!


    1. Yeah after work email/personal email/facebook/wordpress I instituted a ‘one in, one out’ policy, just too many things to check. So if I were to join Google +, something’s got to go – I’m guessing work email’s not an option and I’d rather not quit the others!


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