Sunday November 3 Gaming Low-Down

What a fast month October was, and here we are in November already. Time is ticking away.

This week, I played two adventure games on the PC:

1. Drawn: the Painted Tower – read the review here.

2. Alter Ego (2010). [I’m aware there is a game called Alter Ego from 1986 – this wasn’t that game]

I also reviewed The Walking Dead: the Game (Xbox) – I didn’t play that this week; it was the first game I played in 2013. Read the review here.

November is a special month – the clocks go back an hour from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, Remembrance Day in Canada, Thanksgiving in the U.S., and Mo’vember. You also notice a flurry of activity in the blogsphere in November. I have been reading several posts where bloggers have decided to participate in writing campaigns for the month of November, whether it be writing 50,000 words in 30 days, or writing a blog post every day.

I commend others who take up this challenge, but I don’t plan to participate this time. For me, I’d rather the blog post ideas flow freely, without forcing myself to write. I know this translates in one or two posts a week. But, hey: quality over quantity! I want to continue to enjoy writing for this blog.

In a past life, I had a blog where I tried to participate in a writing campaign, and it didn’t work for me. What was worse: I ended up resenting my blog (and myself) for painting myself into a corner.

Anyway, good luck to those who are involved in writing campaigns! I look forward to reading all your posts!

Thanks for reading and following! Happy gaming!



    1. I think bloggers take them on in the hope they will get more followers – this doesn’t happen in most cases, I mean you might attract traffic, but few followers. It’s like posting to facebook hoping your friends will follow your blog. This hardly ever happens. Why would it? You are already posting to Facebook…


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