[Review] Drawn: The Painted Tower (PC)

I started playing adventure games about three years ago, and became quite familiar with Big Fish Games and its Community. I remember casual gamers there say that everyone who likes adventure games must play Drawn: The Painted Tower. Of course, it was on my “to-play” list, but didn’t have a copy, and was just gonna “get around to” playing it. My chance came recently when I found Painted Tower in a $5 bin at a video rental store. Heh, why not!

From the first title screen, Drawn: The Painted Tower was nothing but beautiful, sad, and absorbing, with a lovely soundtrack to match. It was so absorbing, I finished the game in 2 hours!

Iris is a little girl who has the ability to make her drawings come to life (sort of like Simon and his chalk drawings, but this game is a lot more elaborate). She is living in an oppressed and evil kingdom, whose king would like nothing more than having Iris’s powers for himself. Her family send her into exile to protect her. She goes into hiding in a tower she has constructed in her drawings, making even more paintings in the tower to hide in as well. There you are tasked with finding her in the labyrinth of mazes and gorgeous paintings to save her before the king finds her.

The imagery is what makes the Painted Tower good. It is beautiful! I’d want to live in Iris’s paintings! The gameplay is straight forward, and almost too simple, including the puzzles, and I actually wish the puzzles were a little more challenging. To add to easy gaming, you are also given hints along the way, as well as a task list to complete, so there is no question as to what you need to do next. The Painted Tower is short (like I said, I clocked in 2 hours), but despite the ease of gameplay, I was still sad to see it end. Luckily, there are two sequels to Drawn, which I look forward to playing in the future.

Pick this one up, if only for the imagery. And, really, an easy gameplay never hurt anyone.

Drawn: The Painted Tower
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Released: 2010


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