Sunday October 20 Gaming Low-Down

My gaming low-down from last week was LOADED with games I played due to an injury I sustained and I was forced into bedrest with the Wii. This week, I have a modest list of games to show for, but there is some good stuff in there:

1. Blades of Vengeance – reviewed here

2. The Hurricanes – expect a review soon

3. Qix – reviewed here

4. House of the Dead: Overkill (PS3) – played co-op. Pretty darn good!

That’s it! A little old, a little new.

I bought some old dusty PC games this weekend. I am now chomping at the bit to get into some of them, so that is how I will be gaming this week.

A big thank you to my recent subscribers! Thanks for reading! Hope you’re having fun out there!

…and as always, happy gaming!!



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