[Review] Alisia Dragoon (Sega) is No Dainty Lady and That’s Fine With Me

Alisia Dragoon.

Heard of it? Me neither. It was a total fluke that I loaded this game as I was actually wanting to play After Burner on the Sega Genesis emulator, but it loaded this one instead. That was the best mistake I made this morning – what a fun game.

To start, I think some pop culture feminists ought to point their “lack of female protagonists” fingers at this game already. Alisia Dragoon is a woman, and, along with her dragon companions with various powers, is the one and only character you play. Alisia is out to save the world from doom. With the help of lightening bolts that shoot from her finger tips, you lead her through Mayan-inspired temple mazes, killing bats, flying objects and evil muscle-bound guys with bad orthodontics in her path so she can get to the end bosses and save her world.

She has four dragons she gets to use to her advantage one at a time. They are interchangeable, and each has its own powers. One spits fire, another throws daggers, and so on. You are able to switch them out depending on the situation.

Alisia is no dainty lady. She walks more like a gladiator in a bikini top than a lady going to the beach- appropriate, since I doubt she’s a woman with any interest in doing hair and nails…She has business to take care of.

Speaking of appearances, the cover design of the game has Alisia looking very different than in the actual game. I don’t know why…but this version must make for fun and popular cosplay:

Overall, the game looks great and has peppy music to match. No doubt about it, this game can be a difficult one to play at first (it took me many tries to get past the first level). But, Alisia Dragoon has staying power. It really is a lot of fun and worth checking out.

Alisia Dragoon
Developer: Game Arts / Publisher: Sega
Released: 1992

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