Sunday October 6 Gaming Low-Down

Now that the house is s-s-s-l-owly get back to normal, I thought it high time to tackle some game; or at least more game than I have been playing over the past month. That said, here are the games I played this week:

1. The Hardest Game Ever 2 (Android) – game reviewed here

2. Ardy Lightfoot – game reviewed here

3. The Cameron Files (PC) – Okay, I tried to play this one, but it said it wasn’t compatible with Win 7…might look for a patch.

4. Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister (PC) – GIP. Preview: It took me forever to get INTO to packaging of this game just to access the CDs. Darn sticky “security” strips…

And that’s it! What games are you into this week?

Hope you are having fun out there! Happy gaming!



  1. Happy gaming. I finally finished World of Goo including the three bonus screens, unlocked a few achievements. Now I need a new phone game to keep me amused. I started a first person shooter last night, we’ll see if that maintains me.


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