Sunday September 29 Gaming Low-Down

This week was paltry as far as gaming was concerned. I mean, having to ask the hubs what games I played tells you the type of week it has been:

1. Fusion Frenzy (Xbox)

2. Mortal Kombat (Xbox)

Mortal Kombat is my number one go-to beat ’em up. I am terrible at it, but lurve the cheese. My favourite? Nightwolf. Tomahawks are cool!

I also watched my hubs play Silent Hill 2 for the PS2 (scary, although I did try it out a few months ago myself.)…does that count?

There hasn’t been a lot of time this month dedicated to gaming with house renos happening. These things take time…

Hope you guys are having fun out there in gaming land…drop me a note and let me know what you are playing!

Happy gaming!




  1. World of Goo, non stop, all week. BlackBerry are giving away $25 of free apps and that was one of them. I forgot how much I love the game. On 3-4 levels, I managed to get the OCD scores. I’m on the last world now, sadly.


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