Sunday September 22 Gaming Low-Down

Here we are a week after posting *anything* on my blog…There isn’t much to report gaming-wise, since my days in between have consisted of work, coming home and moving furniture, paint, sleep. Start again. Yep, it’s been a fun and exciting week…While we’re on the subject, I now have two nicely painted rooms, my house is still a mess and I have a pile of laundry to do. So what? On with the gaming news!!

This week, I played only two games:

1. Streets of Rage 2 (PS3)

2. Mario Kart (SNES)

I played both games with the hubs, and when you think about it, these two-player type games are perfect little timewaster/ decompressor games. Not too hard, action-packed, and most importantly, FUN!

My husband, Buriedonmars, bought a Mario Kart SNES cartridge off of someone on eBay, so of course when that came in, we had to play. I didn’t play this on the Wii emulator – it was on the actual SNES. I will have to draw up a review to that game soon.

I always enjoy beat ’em ups like Streets of Rage 2. And it also has a girl kicking serious butt, which is not lost on me!

At any rate, THIS girl needs to kick on some serious gameage. Soon, people; soon!

Wishing you happy gaming!!



    1. The only thing preventing me from using the actual SNES is lack of cartridges. Surprisingly, my husband doesn’t have a large collection. He’s always working on building it though.


    1. He paid $20 from someone in PQ. It used to be more affordable – you could find cartridges cheap at Value Village / Goodwill, but now resellers seem to scoop them up or have contacts within. The wave of game collectors these days have made cartridges hard to find without paying a princely sum. You can easily find sports games for sale for cheap…Mario games hardly ever go down in price. Game collecting is where comic book collecting and baseball card collecting were 10 years ago.


      1. This is the problem with toy collecting today too. I got lucky yesterday and Toys R Us had quite a few desirable toys that hadn’t been swooped upon by the eBayers. I’m going back today for more 🙂


          1. There’s a series of retro-style Transformers called Generations that I collect. I got three this weekend. But the really, really nice ones are a series of high-end toys called Transformers Masterpiece. They are just beautiful, and you are lucky to get one at a TRU store around here. Last time, when Optimus Prime came out, I called and called and called every store within 30 minutes of here, and they all got bought out by eBayers.


            1. I see. And then they sell them at ridiculous prices! I really hate eBay these days, how it’s mostly “buy it now”. My husband likes it enough, but after getting screwed over as a seller, I really don’t care much for it. I meant to mention kijiji…we’ve gotten some games that way too, but we don’t like strangers coming to the house.


            2. I stopped selling on eBay. I used to collect Lego (yes, I know I have an illness) and I cashed in on them about 3 years ago. But I had to have a garage sale to do it. I was sold out 15 minutes after opening. That’s the most success I’ve had with selling.

              But yes they re-sell the toys for stupidly inflated prices. It’s like the people buying 4 iPhones or Wii’s or whatever the latest greatest thing today is going to be.


            3. Selling on eBay was something that was a bit of a hobby. We sold everything from Marshall amp heads, to video games (not ours, a friend’s), china, comic books…that’s going back 10 yrs ago. 2 years ago, there was a support staff strike at all colleges in Ontario, and I am Support, so I picked up the ol’ eBay selling hat to pass the time and make a few $$. Let me tell you, I hated it more than ever. I’ve told my husband I am off the eBay selling track.


            4. I hear that. And I don’t know why that should be, because as a buyer with 150 transactions, you know how many negative experiences I have had? ONE! That’s the only person I had issues with. What is everybody else’s problem?


            5. I had one dude from Florida accuse me of trying to make scratch on shipping, not believing the prices were what Canada Post was quoting. Finally, I wrote a thesis to this guy directing him to contact Canada Post directly,that I don’t have any control over CP, and that CP and USPS are two different entities. The guy was getting an excellent price for a softshell gig bag, we were LOSING money. I then said if this was his way of getting out of the auction, speak now, a–hole.
              He ended up apologising, and paying up.
              Srsly, I got tired of all that cha-cha’ing. eBay will have to do without one more timewaster, thankyouverramuch!


            6. I had the same experience. Canada Post is what it is, and even getting accurate prices/times from them is not consistent. My buddy Aaron (the guy I went to Toronto with in this week’s video) calls it “Canada’s Postal Canoe”. Because that must be how they’re getting the parcels overseas.


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