Caught Me Painting and Introducing Buried On Mars!

This weekend, there won’t be much gaming…but there will be a whole lot of painting! My hubs and I have decided to create a gaming oasis out of one of our spare bedrooms. This is an effort to consolidate gaming consoles into one place. No idea on wall colour yet, but we think something bright, since he will be shooting video in there.

Which brings me to my shameless promotion part – my husband has his own YouTube channel called Buried On Mars where he reviews obscure and forgotten video games. Some recent ones creep in there too. It’s been up for over a year. If you’re on YouTube you might want to check it out! That’s Buried On Mars!

Today is the first day my husband has posted videos to his channel after a few months away, for some good reasons. You are welcome to watch his welcome back here.

Don’t forget to check out his other reviews! He’s got one on the Thing that is pretty funny.

Also, today, he has started his own Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook, make sure you check that out, and like it to get all the updates (you might even see me on there on occasion!).



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