Sunday September 8 Gaming Low-Down

It’s my 50th post on Caught Me Gaming! A fantastic milestone on a blog that I had hoped would last past ten posts, let alone 50!

Here is a list of games I played the week.

1. The Room (Android) – Game reviewed here

2. Mystery Manor (Android) Game reviewed here

3. Golden Axe (16-bit, played on PS3) – Game reviewed here

4. Shiver: Moonlight Grove (PC) – GIP

5. Twisted Lands – Insomniac (Android) – GIP

6. Obscure (PS2) – Tried out multiplayer with the hubs

This week I got 2 new followers (welcome peeps!)!

I have also been asked by a few fellow readers to dig into some SNES games. I am willing to oblige, with a caveat: This is new territory for me, as the extent of my experience with SNES is pretty much Mario and Donkey Kong. With that, my husband, Buriedonmars, suggested I flip through IGN’s top 100 SNES games to see if there is something I’d be into, and I have compiled a list. He also has an emulator with SNES games on the Wii, so expect some reviews up soon.

As always, Happy gaming!



    1. Well, I said to him I’d start with what I know – he said, “everyone reviews those! Try something new!” :\
      I will review those eventually just because they are so fundamental to my gaming history.


      1. I think those two are fundamental to the gaming history of many, from a couple generations.

        Maybe everybody reviews those…I reviewed Led Zeppelin today, I know I’m not the first. Although there is obviously merit in trying something new! So to make up for it I have reviews coming from albums that are very scarce, and hard to find good info about. So there’s a balancing act.


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