[Review] Mystery Manor (Android) – Can I Play the Game Already?

How much harassment can one person handle to play a free game? Go ahead and ask me.

Last month, I downloaded Mystery Manor, a hidden object adventure mystery game for the Android tablet, free on Google Play. It really had some promise. It had a good-looking starting title, the graphics looked great, the music wasn’t bad at all. In this game, Mister X is hiding somewhere in the labyrinth that is his mansion, and you are tasked with finding him. So, in it, you search through rooms via hidden object scenes. Even the hidden object scenes were fun, and often would provide an interesting twist. In one scene, the power was out, and you had to use a flash light to search an area. The flash light was provided by you moving your index finger around the screen, as though you were directing the flash light. Really it isn’t a bad little game to start…

So, what’s the problem?

The game is theoretically free, but uses a credit system that is tied to your energy level. Everything you do worth a damn in this game requires energy. If you are running low, you can either wait until your energy recycles, or…YOU CAN PAY FOR EXTRA ENERGY. The packages start at $3.99, so I can see how this game could get expensive.

Very early on, I got what this game was “about” and I’m not much of a fan of it, especially when it tried incessantly for me to link the game to Facebook and Twitter. I don’t like “social” games like Farmville and the like, and this game is one of these. You can play without linking your profile, but expect some pressure along the way by way of pop-up ads.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not naive to think that I could possibly play a free game without ever seeing so much as a pop-up ad. BUT! What if they get in the way of the gameplay??

First, there was this pop-up…


A new version is “availiable”? (Nice proofreading…)

Then, after I completed a hidden object scene…


Then these two popped up one after another…



And that was just four of 7 pop-ups that appeared playing the first chapter…

Nothing diverts your attention like incessant pop-ups. I’m not going to say Mystery Manor blows, because, well, it doesn’t; at least not in terms of the game itself. But, I have to say tying it in with all the other promotional stuff it tries to push really turns some gamers off. I’m certainly out…

Mystery Manor
Publisher: Game Insight
Released: 2011


  1. I’ve played some like these and it’s a nightmare. I mean free?? No you have to wait till the next day and earn back coins in 24 hours to continue playing. What a joke.


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