[Review] The Room (Android) – 99 cents, and worth every penny

My Appsales app gave me a heads-up on a sale of a game I’ve been watching for a while. I got The Room for 50% off at 99 cents – a great price, and an excellent game I played on my Android tablet.

The Room is a game where you are presented with a series of boxes you are made to open. The puzzles are complex “open the box using a key buried somewhere in a secret contraption within the box” type of game. The boxes themselves are in 3D, and the game uses the tablet’s ability of finger-swiping to move the boxes to see them from all angles, or to move your tablet around to make certain objects change position. The graphics are stunning and worked smoothly on my tablet. There are no voices, no people. Just some tinkly music, you, a spotlight, and a puzzle you have to solve. You are also given a special eyepiece that when worn, gives you the ability to see things in the boxes that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.

At first play, I was a little apprehensive, thinking these puzzles would be impossible, but surprisingly, they are logical, and the game also gives you a hint button that reveals just enough of a clue that will make you “eureka!” your way to solving the puzzle.

If you haven’t discovered this gem, I suggest you buy The Room NOW for your Android tablet (before the price goes back up)!!

(It’s also available for the iPad but not sure for how much)

The Room
Publisher: Fireproof Games
Released: March 2013 (android)


    1. Sorry you struggled with this one. There are a ton of games out there in the hidden object / adventure genre that combine a story with puzzles, and I have reviewed several on my blog. Not sure in what platform you are after, but if you check out the adventure tab or hidden object tabs on the side panel of my blog you might find something that interests you.


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