Sunday September 1 Gaming Low-Down

Things have geared up at the higher education institution where I work, so I have come home several nights this past week totally exhausted. BUT! I still managed to find the energy to dive into some gaming! And thank goodness for gaming! Here is what I played this week:

1. Syberia (PC) – Game finished and reviewed here

2. Shutter Island (PC) – Game reviewed here

3. The Tudors (PC) – Game reviewed here

4. The Room (Android tablet) – GIP

5. Mystery Manor (Android tablet) – Game finished

6. Twisted Lands – Insomniac (Android tablet) – GIP

As summer winds down, and things at work wind up, I am certainly going to make a point to game. I find it takes my mind off of said work, and allows me to decompress after a long day.

Thanks to the one new follower I received this week – welcome!

More to come, and as always – HAPPY GAMING!!



  1. Always good to find time to unwind and do the things you love, it’s money well spent.

    Watching Trailer Park Boys and playing Atari 2600 right now. Well, with periodic internet breaks! Playing Adventure from 1982 next.


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