[Review] The Tudors Game (PC)

I know sometimes hidden object games really make it too easy to hate them. Developers rush them and take the lazy way just so the game can be released and start to make money.

Let’s take the Tudors game I just played on PC. Here is a game originally priced at $19.99 at Walmart; sticker is still on the package. Of course I didn’t pay full price for it, but someone obviously did in order for me to get my hands on it. I wonder who the original owner was…were they someone who loves hidden object games? Maybe they love both casual games and the Tudors TV show. I wonder how far they got with the game. And finally, I wonder if this person threw the game across the room in disgust that they spent this much money on such a piece of crap. I would say the Tudors is a strong argument for piracy, except even getting this game for free is a waste of a download.

The Tudors game is based on the TV show. I never watched the show when it aired, so I can’t speak to the validity of storyline or characters. If the game’s story is any impression, I don’t have a prayer watching it – that is, unless I need a nap…The game is boring! Hidden object scenes are very blurry, and objects to be found are really small. Some of the mini-games’ instructions are confusing, but thank goodness there was a skip button! Fans expecting to get some awesome acting in this will be very disappointed…There is none to be found; simply slates with the image of the actors and a lot of text to read. The best part of the game had to be the music which was creepy, and I could have sworn I had heard it before in Shiver: the Vanishing Hitchhiker (the Tudors isn’t scary, is it?…).

Take a big old pass on the Tudors and spend you money on better games, unless you are suffering from insomnia…

The Tudors
Developer: Merscom
Released: 2009

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