Sunday August 18 Gaming Low-Down

Here is the lengthy list of games I played this week. It’s longer than usual, but most of these games weren’t played extensively.

1. Sherlock Holmes Trilogy (Mystery of the Mummy, The Silver Earring and The Awakened) PC- 2 out of 3 are done

2. Endless Ocean (Wii) – GIP

Then, the following list of games were ones I played with the hubs:

3. Pocky and Rocky (SNES)

4. Smash TV (SNES)

5. Contra (SNES) *

Verdict: Wow, were these fun (and hard & unforgiving…)!

6. Mystery Case Files: Malgrave Incident (Wii) in Multiplayer – If you missed my review of this awesome game, read it here.

I hadn’t tried the multiplayer version until this week. Verdict on Multiplayer? Lamesauce. It’s basically “who can find what object the fastest”. No forgiveness for clicking around the scene (you lose points) and no zooming capabilities, so visibility is terrible even on a big TV.

7. The Amazing Race Game (Wii) – Game finished and reviewed here.

8. Namco Museum Megamix (Wii) – specifically Pac & Pal, Bosconian and Rally-X

I had a fun week of gaming! I have just gone game shopping this week so more to come!

A Very Special Announcement!

Did you know Caught Me Gaming is two months old with 31 followers collectively!?! I’ve been having a blast, and seeing all I have done on this blog has motivated me to keep it going. And there is no denying the positive responses from all you out there – it’s very encouraging.

Thank you to the one guy who has joined the fold this week.

More to come, and as always:

* Edit: Oops, Contra was on the NES…I was playing these games on an emulator on the Wii – Thanks to my hubs, BURiEDONMARS, for pointing that out…



  1. Glad to see some SNES games in the rotation – if you drift back one more generation to the NES, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on a bunch of those timeless games, we still have the power pad track meet!


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