Sunday August 11 Gaming Low-Down

This week, I haven’t played a lot of games, choosing instead to concentrate my efforts on finishing what I’ve already started. With that, here is what I’ve been playing this week:

1. Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident (Wii) – GIP, and almost finished!

2. Torchlight II (PC/Steam) – played co-op with the hubs, but the game keeps crashing in co-op, so we’ve decided to play on our own. Not sure why that is (firewall is off), and no resolution found from ye olde internet. Just one of those things, I guess…

3. Sacra Terra: Angelic Night (Android)- GIP. I’ve played this game before on PC a long time ago. Preview on the Android version: Game is very much like PC version except for one important distinction – it crashes moving from one scene to the other, every single time. Ask me how I like that. :\

4. Mystery Manor (Android) – Preview: Started, not sure I’ll see it to the end. A lot of harassment from pop-up ads, and wanting me to post to Facebook and Twitter.

You can expect a couple of reviews coming your way this coming week as I hope to be done with Malgrave Incident and Sacra Terra: Angelic Night.

A thank you to the one new follower this week! Welcome to my blog!

With a new academic year set to begin in a few weeks, my job may take time away from my gaming as I work in an academic setting and most of my work happens within the first two months of the new semester. But, I will try to update you on Sundays at least, even if I couldn’t get to play any game!

Thanks for reading! Happy Gaming!


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