[Review] Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain (PC) – Keeping it Fresh

Hot on the heels of the recently-reviewed Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night comes its sequel, Eclipse Mountain. This game was included on a Secrets of the Dark two-pack gaming CD I picked up recently. Because I loved Temple of Night, I was interested in trying out Eclipse Mountain to see how the developers, Orneon, made out creating a sequel to such an awesome HOG. Although the game was noticeably shorter than its predecessor, I found the setting fresh, the graphics professional, and again, the music was exceptional.

In Eclipse Mountain you travel to Thailand to search for your vacationing friends who have been spirited away by an evil dark soul. You get to explore the humid shacks and cultural temples for signs of your friends. Like Temple of Night, you have to darken settings in order to see the evil spirit; a cool detail which allows you to search other settings and play more puzzles.

I loved the South East Asian flavour given to the game; it was a welcome change where many hidden object adventure games are set in Latin America. The ‘hint’ button was a lotus flower, which was a nice touch. The game was noticeably shorter (or maybe because I enjoyed the game so much I breezed through it…) and I wouldn’t consider it the best HOG I’ve ever played, but, it’s still a worthy game.

I recommend buying the Secrets of the Dark two-pack which includes both Temple of Night and Eclipse Mountain for under $10. You will not regret it!

Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain
Developer: Orneon / Publisher: Big Fish Games
Released: 2012

Credit: Jayisgames

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