Legend of [Review] Crystal Valley (PC) a Marathon Walk to Glitchy Gloom

That’s it, I’m done.

I have consulted four walkthroughs to see how to progress, but I think I have hit a glitch. It’s too bad too, because Legend of Crystal Valley had a lot going for it. It tells the story of a woman searching for her father through portals to netherworlds. Along the way she meets giants, elfs and an assortment of interesting creatures, so if you enjoy the fantasy genre, you’d probably enjoy this tale. This adventure game’s look was very much reminiscent of the original the Sims in terms of animation. The background scenery was attractive. The music was very atmospheric and vacillated between beautiful and irritating (in one part you are talking with an Elvis impersonator who has a jukebox that is blaring incoherent “muzak” while your character carries a conversation with him. I hit mute…). Also, because you control where your character goes, you got to walk her from here…to there….and back…to another scene…(and don’t forget the milk!).

But, hey, what does it matter complaining about the little stuff…Legend of Crystal Valley glitched on me. I’m stuck on a part where my character walks up to a mansion where a maid named Betty is standing out front. You go to talk to her and she accuses you of trespassing, as the Mayor and owner of the mansion is not home. Following all the walkthroughs, I went around to the back of the mansion and tried to plant magic beans to make a vine grow along the mansion wall so my character could climb into a window, but the window in question was closed, which meant I needed the maid’s help. What is supposed to happen is the maid tells me she is in love with someone in town that I am supposed to talk to and give a rose to (which I had in my inventory already). I have done everything I am supposed to up to now, but all the maid does is tell me to leave the property because I am trespassing. How long before you give up? For me, it was about an hour.

Glitches can happen to the best of games. Whenever it happens there is always a “what if.” The glitch aside, Legend of Crystal Valley had an interesting enough adventure story and gameplay. But, I won’t be replaying this game to see if I could push through the glitch.

Legend of Crystal Valley
Developer: Cateia Games
Released: 2009

Credit: blaze.com


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