[Review] Twisted Lands: Shadow Town (Android) – Don’t Judge, Just Play

When I first got my Asus eeePad Transformer Android tablet, I went onto Google Play searching for hidden object games to play. Of course, being a cheapskate, I gravitated towards the free games. As I have directly pointed out several times on this blog (just check the Android category for details…), a lot of HOGs games for the Android tablet are crap. But, I persevere to find one that works well and is enjoyable to play. And I found it in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town.

One thing though: Don’t judge this game on the free version, whatever you do. If you were to play only the free version, you would pass on it. The free version is very stunted, confuses the player and is way too short to determine whether you want to pay full price for the full version (which was $0.99 on Google Play).  Just pay the buck for it – you will not be disappointed.

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town finds a couple renting a fishing boat for a day to do some snorkeling. The guy likes to dive in and search for treasures, while the girl says dry above reading a magazine while she works on her tan. While travelling back to shore, the boat throws the guy out and crashes on an island. The girl survives, but by the time the guy gets to shore, his girl is missing – whisked away by some shadowy assailant. Guess what you have to do now?

Okay, okay – the story is over-used.; searching for your loved ones is a tired trope. But, here’s what you get for your buck:a long adventure game with challenging puzzles! The production level of the game is about medium-level; the animation and graphics, for the most part are professional-looking, with some cheesy cut scenes. The game itself is fun enough to see it to the end. The ending – not to give away spoilers – opened the door for a sequel as it ended on a cliff-hanger.

What I am holding onto is that for the first time, I have found a hidden object game for Android that hasn’t frozen mid-play or locked up my tablet. And that, I would pay a buck for!

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town
Developer: Alawar
Released: 2010

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