[Review] Secrets of the Dark – Temple of Night (PC)

Right now I am sitting in my living room, writing this review with my mother-in-law next to me. She is on her laptop playing Secrets of the Dark – Temple of Night, totally engrossed in the game. I lent her my copy as she has been playing social HOGs on Facebook and was getting tired of relying on others to let her advance in her game. I felt Temple of Night was a great first introduction to playing HOGs on the PC. I hope the game doesn’t spoil her too much…

Why, you ask?

Because, in my opinion, Temple of Night is one of the best hidden object adventure games ever made. I have played many a HOG, and I put Temple of Night in my pantheon of top HOGs (along with previously reviewed Shiver: the Vanishing Hitchhiker) for its quality of production, gameplay, graphics, music (yes, MUSIC!) and story.

I had played Temple of Night two years ago on PC; a friend’s copy through Big Fish Games. I wasn’t able to finish the game, however, due to a glitch in the game that basically had me at a dead end. Desperate, I looked online, and discovered that some casual gamers were experiencing the same problem, and that Big Fish Games was developing a patch for it. I moved on to another game before I could see Temple of Night to the end, but it was strong in the back of my mind that I needed to play this game again. So, when I found it at Walmart packaged with its sequel, Eclipse Mountain – for $9 – I was sold!

This game engrossed me as it had me go to a dusty abandoned Mexican town searching for journalists who have mysteriously vanished. The story is steeped in legend from the Aztecs (although not sure how historically accurate – it kept saying Mexico is in South America…). Along the way you encounter evil spirits who stole your journalist friends to feed off their souls for all eternity. These spirits would only appear in the dark, so if you were to draw the curtains or turn off the light in certain rooms in the game, the scenery would change into dark crypts, caves and temples where you are able to explore further and play extra puzzles. The graphics are excellent and the music is well-composed. Its soundtrack really does set the mood for the game.

I really do give Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night a high recommendation. Run to Walmart and pick up the two-pack!

Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night
Developer: Orneon / Publisher: Big Fish Games
Released: June 2011

Credit: Big Fish Games

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