[Review] Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard (Android) a Sinking Ship

A media tycoon contacts you to investigate a ship that set sail with a family in tow in 1979, but that since went missing up the Amazon. As you look for clues you discover there is a mystery that involves a very disturbed child that possibly murdered her family. You then have to cut through weeds and search through the same hidden object scenes to find the same clues and items to help you find out what happened. That is the premise of the free version of Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard, a game I played on my Android tablet.

Cursed Onboard had promise. From the beginning, the voice-acting was top-notch, the music was atmospheric, setting the tone for a creepy good time, and a story that included a missing ship whet my appetite for a decent game. But, the game didn’t live up to expectations. Hidden object puzzles – which looked like something a high school graphic design class would create – were repetitive and not challenging; and what continues to challenge my eeePad Transformer Android tablet, the gaming controls were awkward and sometimes unresponsive.

I have played other games with the premise of missing/ ghost ships (calling the Mystery of the Mary Celeste), and Cursed Onboard was uninspiring. There are better ones out there.

Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard
Developer: Urchin Games / Publisher: G5
Released: 2013 (Android)

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