Sunday July 21 Gaming Low-Down

Well, I’m currently on vacation, so not much gaming this week…but enough that you’ll have a review coming your way…This week I’ve played only two games:

1. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (PS3) – tried it, and I am borrowing it from a friend to play at my leisure!

2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Dark Motives (DS) – Played enough…review to follow. EDIT: Reviewed here


Family and Friends in Gaming

I have discovered as I play more games that the opportunity arises to suggest games to my family and friends.

My mother-in-law plays a lot of social games on Facebook. She has moved from Farmville, to Frontierville, to Crime Scene. This week, as she played a round of Candy Crush Saga, she said she is getting tired of relying on other players to progress in a game and asked me if I knew of any hidden object games she could play outside of Facebook…

Do I?!?

I told her I would be her “pusher”!! She’ll be coming by for a visit next week, so I’ll be getting a pile ‘o games together for her to tide her over until Thanksgiving!

Then, while visiting my friend Amanda, we talked about gaming. She had just finished two rounds of Mystery Case Files: Malgrave Incident for the Wii (I haven’t even played that game!). She had just bought an iPad, and wondered what games she could play on it that were like Malgrave. I suggested she start with the Treasure Seekers series; I played it on the iPod Touch (and later on the PC). She started with the first game, Visions of Gold. I hope she enjoys it!

It’s so much fun recommending games to my friends and family! Happy gaming!


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