[Review] Living Legends – Frozen Beauty (PC)


Hot humid days (or is that daze?) are upon us. What better way to cool off but to play an adventure game set in Winter? I’m half kidding – go, and be outside among the warmth while you still can. I live in Canada, so the hot days are too few. But, if in the evenings you are searching for a decent casual game to play, let me say that Living Legends: Frozen Beauty, is THE ONE adventure game you do not want to pass on this summer. I played this on PC, and couldn’t help but remark at how intricate a game it is. Plenty of puzzles, a long game play and an even impressive and fulfilling bonus chapter are some of the reasons I really enjoyed this game.

Frozen Beauty‘s story is a take on the classic Snow White tale. There is a queen who has chosen one girl – your sister – to become her successor. Everything is all sunshine and roses, until the queen takes her prisoner and it’s up to you to save her. It’s a simple story, but one that lends itself to some flexibility and creativity when trying to create an adventure / hidden object game.

Frozen Beauty looks great, and has challenging and varied puzzles that include hidden object, but not exclusively such, and they seem to get increasingly more difficult as the story progresses. It is also the type of game where there is a labyrinth of scenes, rooms and places to explore, so you can get lost. The animation and voiceovers of Frozen Beauty were well-produced, and the game had a serene score that gets inside your head. The story is long; it took me over 5 hours of game play, not including the bonus scene which I clocked in at over 1 hour and a half, so you get your money’s worth. The developers, Friends 4 Games, also created Living Legends: Ice Rose last year. I haven’t played that game, so I can’t speak to its greatness, but it may give you some idea what you would be in for with Living Legends: Frozen Beauty.

So have your lemonade under that shady tree. Enjoy working in your garden. Sweat like crazy while going for a run in the heat. But make sure you find time to play Living Legends: Frozen Beauty. It’s the Casual Gaming Sleeper of the Summer! Happy Gaming!

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty
Developer: Friends 4 Games / Publisher: Big Fish Games
Released: June 2013

Credits: 1. h33t.com