[Review] The Sanctuary (Android)

Man, there is a ton of crap in the Google Play store. Sometimes you find some golden free finds, but mostly there is a lot of crap. Finding a decent hidden object game on there is like a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately, I have no good news for anyone who decides to download Jarbull’s hidden object game, The Sanctuary, free to download in the Google Play store for android phone and tablet. I know, “what do you want for free?”…I am just glad I didn’t pay a red cent for it, because on preview, the game looks great.

You play John, a man who, while driving in a rain storm, runs into a dark silhouette standing in the middle of the road. He crashes his car, and next thing he knows, he wakes up locked in a dank room. He is then tasked with finding his way out of a labyrinth of locked rooms to find answers to whom this dark silhouette was.

This was the shortest game I have ever played. It took me 20 minutes to finish it on my Asus eeePad Transformer, which must be some kind of record for me. The game was a hunt and peck type of game with hidden object and timed puzzles, which mostly centre around you trying to locate a key to unlock a door. The hidden object games were extremely simplistic. An interesting side part had to do with picking up a shovel, and think to yourself what a good idea it would be to dig up someone’s grave (?!!) to locate a key. At any rate, the game moves so fast, the next thing you know it’s all over.

The one thing that made me want to play the Sanctuary was how great it looked. Some scenes appear to be made with pastels and watercolours. Truly desktop worthy!

Screenshot_2013-06-29-12-04-23   Screenshot_2013-06-29-12-03-28

The game did not play well on my Android tablet. Poking my finger around the scenes made the graphics jump around. That aside, really the worst of it was when the voiceover speaks that you feel like the Sanctuary is seriously taking the piss. I mean, telling me I have to find a key over and over with a voice that sounds like it was run through text-to-speech software made me think, “too bad…” Then, there were the spelling errors within the game that made me suspect the developers of the game actually don’t speak English as a first language.

Telling people to pass up a game that’s free is sometimes like eating bad pizza (even when it’s bad, it’s still good), but truly, I cannot recommend the Sanctuary for Android. It really isn’t great.

The Sanctuary
Developer: Jarbull
Released: Not sure, but could have been 2012

Photo credits: 1. Google Play / 2. Personal Screenshot

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